Digital Services Paid in Cash.

Meet BO-App

Our mission is to allow cash-paying consumers to purchase digital products via local stores near their home.

Widespread locations

Pay in cash for your desired products or orders via your local store. Close-by, convenient, and easy.


Every electronic purchase leaves a digital trace. Some wish to keep their identity private. Now you can do it with BO-App.

Digital Products

Flight tickets, Insurance, Gift-cards, Pre-Paid mobile plane, home bills, and much more.

Offering a world of products.


Domestic or international flights.


Amazon, Games, Apple and more


Pay your bills

Pre-Paid Mobile plans

Top-Up your mobile cellular plan

BO-App gives you the Freedom of Purchase

Pay how and where you want. Whether anonymity or accessibility is in mind.

Walk in to a near by store for direct purchase

Just walk to a store near you and chse what you want to purchese. You can pay how ever you want - cash, debit, credit-card and more.

Chose a product online and pay in store

Do you want first to choose a product? No problem; 1. go to our app -> 2. choose the product -> 3.receive a barcode -> 4. chose where and how to pay

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Give your costumers the best products and service they disserve.

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